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 Grand Cayman. The Cayman Islands’ main island offers the longest, liveliest sandy strand (Seven Mile Beach), great diving, fine dining, upscale resorts, surprisingly varied nightlife, and an attractive waterfront capital with duty-free shopping in George Town. Despite the development and congestion around Seven Mile Beach and George Town, the neighborhoods of West Bay and East End are mellow and filled with natural wonders.

Cayman Brac. The archipelago’s most rugged, dramatically scenic island is known for its bullying bluff, which vaults 140 feet. The bird-watching, caving, hiking, and rock climbing (experienced only with your own gear) are phenomenal, and the island is just as spectacular underwater for divers and snorkelers. The Brac is laid back, friendly, and cheap, with good villa values and small inns and resorts.

Little Cayman. The smallest of the Cayman Islands is the least developed, most unspoiled in the chain. Ecotourists can get back to nature (but not the basics) at splendid little resorts catering to divers and birders. You’ll find world-famous dive sites like Bloody Bay Marine Park, equally fantastic fishing (especially light-tackle), secluded beaches, and fabulous bird-watching along the shore and wetlands covering nearly half the island.

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