Little Cayman – Beaches

The southwest part of the island seems like one giant beach; this is where virtually all the resorts sit, serenely facing Preston Bay and South Hole Sound. But there are several other unspoiled, usually deserted strands that beckon beachcombers, all the sand having the same delicate hue of Cristal Champagne and just as apt to make you feel giddy.

Blossom Village Park.Developed by the local chapter of the National Trust, this site of the first, albeit temporary, Cayman Islands settlement in the 1660s is lined with traditional cottages; bricks are dedicated to old-time residents and longtime repeat guests. There are picnic tables, a playground, and a dock. The beach is small but has plenty of shade trees, good snorkeling, and calm water. Amenities: none. Best for: snorkeling; swimming. | Little Cayman.

Owen Island.This private, forested island can be reached by rowboat, kayak, or an ambitious 200-yard swim. Anyone is welcome to come across and enjoy the deserted beaches and excellent snorkeling. Nudity is forbidden as “idle and disorderly” in the Cayman Islands, though that doesn’t always stop skinny-dippers (who may not realize they can be seen quite easily from shore on the strands facing Little Cayman). Amenities: none. Best for: snorkeling; solitude; swimming. | Little Cayman.

Point of Sand.Stretching over a mile on the easternmost point of the island, this secluded beach is great for wading, shell collecting, and snorkeling. On a clear day you can see 7 miles (11 km) across to Cayman Brac. It serves as a green- and loggerhead turtle nesting site in spring, and a marvelous mosaic of coral gardens blooms just offshore. It’s magical, especially at moonrise, when it earns its nickname, Lovers’ Beach. There’s a palapa for shade but no facilities. The current can be strong, so watch the kids carefully. Amenities: none. Best for: snorkeling; solitude; sunset; walking. | Little Cayman.


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