Cayman Brac – Shopping

Shopping is limited on the Brac; there are few small stores, though many local ladies sell their wares from home. You’ll also find a boutique at the Brac Reef Beach Resort. The prize craft specialties are woven thatch items and Caymanite jewelry.

Kirk Freeport.This is a miniature version of its ritzy Grand Cayman sister outposts, offering a smattering of upscale duty-free items from Waterford to Wedgwood, scents, watches, and jewelry from international to local designers. | Next to the Cayman Brac Museum | Stake Bay, Cayman Brac | 345/948–2612.

Treasure Chest.Treasure Chest carries simple resort wear, T-shirts, bonnets, handbags (usually with the Brac logo), and black coral and Caymanite jewelry, as well as a small selection of books, including pamphlets on local birds and fish. | Tibbetts Sq. | West End, Cayman Brac | 345/948–1333.

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